MafiEra Vote Tool

: Append the thread ID of the mafia game that needs to be scraped to the end of this page's URL.
Note that this tool scrapes the entire thread, and it may take a while to finish loading.


Gamerunner Guide

This tool works by scraping the ResetEra thread specified through the ID provided in the URL, and sequentially parsing each post, looking for specific commands.
These commands are identified through being highlighted with color, so be careful not to accidentally issue any of the following commands when writing in color or it may break this tool.

Available Commands:

Player commands:

- VOTE: X: Where X is any string. It can only be used during an active day phase (after a DAY BEGINS post and before a DAY ENDS one).
- UNVOTE: X: Same restrictions as above. It removes the last active vote from the user. It's not necessary to use this command before every new VOTE.
- MOVE: X: If the game features a concurrent vote mechanic, this can be used to hold a secondary move. See results at where X is the thread ID.

Gamerunner Commands:
- !player_list: This command is used to declare the player list before the game begins. Start a block containing player declaration strings with this command, and end it with the same command.
- [P] X - TZ: Player declaration string, where P is a set of preferred pronouns, X the player name, and TZ their timezone. - Day X begins: Where X is any string. It can be a number, or a written word. Signals the beginning of a day phase.
- Day X ends: Where X is any string. It can be a number, or a written word. Signals the end of a day phase.
- X has died!: Where X is any valid player.
- [P] X - TZ has replaced Y: Where [P] X - TZ is a player declaration string, and Y a current valid player.

This tool brought to you by Fireblend :)